Which kind of social labour does it make?

The Union Musical San Fulgencio has come into being to promote music and culture in the village with lots of live performances through the year: in parades, processions in the streets of San Fulgencio and in close villages, as well as a schedule of concerts which includes practically one concert a month.

To carry out this task of cultural entertainment, this society has founded a School of Music which has been recognized by the Valencian Government and the Spanish Ministry of Education in order to teach music to all the people (children included) who join the Band.

In this context, the cultural teaching is done on several levels:

  • The teaching of musical knowledge and the interpretation of a musical instrument. This kind of education is carried out throughout the School of Music and its faculty.
  • The teaching of ethical values of respect and cohabitation, that is to say, building awareness that you are part of a group where everyone has his own roll, not necessarily more important than the others, but equally necessary. This kind of teaching starts in the School of Music but really takes value in the Youth Band and in the Union Musical San Fulgencio.

What does it mean to be a contributor member of the Unión Musical San Fulgencio?

To be a contributor member means to be part of this social activity. It also means to be part of a movement which defends music as the higher expression of tolerance and coexistence.

For a small annual fee you will be able to consider yourself member of a cultural movement without borders. We have members, musicians and pupils from United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Finland, Ecuador, etc.

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